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Cape Town trip July 2014 pt. 5

Feeling like a million bucks we walk up into Manila Bar get stamped up in neon, and stomped up with the sensation of absolutely knowing that it would be a good night.

First off: there were Asian bartenders. I mean I had never ever seen this anywhere in South Africa before.
So I knewww that this would be perfectly different.

A few nice strangers threw a few smiles back to me. Something (which by the way) I test all the time. Different cities have presented different temperaments.

I literally started walking up to people and introduced myself to them at this point; something which California taught me. I was like “Heyyyy I’m Jade, showing some love from Johannesburg and really hoping to have a great weekend”. I had no inhibitions. I only knew one person (or I mean I met her on twitter, so technically I knew her by association) and even though it was her video launch, I figured that I knew absolutely no body else and so I could do whatever I wanted because no one could judge me based on any prior incident(ces).

I say this because this is a general impression that I have of the world. People judge you or evaluate you based on what they know of you. No-one knew a thing in this case (which was liberating, not that I have anything to hide; but I’m just sayin’).

Cape Town is definitely clique(y). And getting into any circle seems to be difficult. My take on this night however was to make sure that I was the realest version of myself, because that’s the impression I wanted to leave. Not for anyone else, but for my own inner reflection.

So, at this point I was done being the serious girl, or mama hen to my flock. Nahhh tonight was my turn to turn it out!
It turns out we were early, hahaha which was fine either way because I didn’t really know what the lineup was gonna be like and I was eager to “turn it out so I had to internally prepare.”.

So; my sister, her friends, my cousin and I take advantage of the fact that the venue is still pretty empty. For this very reason we end up taking a stroll down Long Street, familiarising ourselves with it and also in order to gain some momentum. We then head back up to Manila Bar and get the beverages ‘pourrr’d’ up.

This immediately loosens me up. And I eventually start speaking to some really buff guy named Roy. Hahah he was funny and he somehow ends up dropping his beverage making me question his soberness entirely. He was a happy chap, (which is what counted the most) and just genuinely nice. Gary (at this stage), is here too. Gary and I were keen to show off our pinned up shirts and smiles. And because we know that the Trueman’s are all about that get-down. We were suddenly on the dancefloor getting down with every kinda get down!!

Man! The combination of positive energy, fermented beverages (and at this point, quite a few down), a smooth shot of patron, GOOD MUSIC and family- at this point: I was ready to take over the world hahaha…

yo. I. Was. In. It.
At another point that night I remember that I was so energised and just so free that the dancefloor literally became my own circle. I don’t know when I crossed the threshold but the crowd made the circle bigger fo’ me! And honey; I didn’t back down either! Hahah
The difference here in comparison to the night before at Eclipse, was that people weren’t dancing away from me because they assumed I was lesbian. In this setting they danced away for a few seconds to take in an art form. And that was the difference. They didn’t judge me according to any pre-concieved assumptions. This was the moment I fell in love with Cape Town.

Now look. I am androgenous. And I am proud to say that I am.
This was a platform where that didn’t even matter. Sexuality, age, gender, class, race… man. None of that mattered and that’s what absolutely won me over in those few seconds of glory.

I love the stage life. Despite the fact that I am generally shy. I call this my double life. There is a thrill in it.
I guess alot of entertainers have this element or knowledge of self.

Mannnnn, and I could feel it in Dope Saint Jude’s aura too.
Knowledge of self… liberation through expression of self. ………………………………………………..

00:00 Midnight: Dope Saint Jude had her performance due. I mean after all it was her video launch, so with purposefulness she came out HARD.

She rocked us out so hard. It was actually quite insane how it all happened. I honestly do think that the combination of all of the energy in that room is the reason that I felt so elevated. Hahaha

My cousins, sister and her friends all rocked out hard too. I was so grateful to be in tune with a heightened sense of self in their presence. If they hadn’t been there I doubt that I woulda had as great a time. I was just immensely thankful; and being in that state made me so much more confident.

I remember after Dope Saint Jude left the stage Roy pushed me up on stage and was like “kill it”… and in my own mind my body took over and I just danced my heart out.

It was magical.
I was liberated. I was free. Confident. Thankful.

And so I knew before we took leave that I had to introduce myself to Dope Saint Jude. I went looking for her and eventually found her.
Hahah I was like “heyyyy I’m Jade”, she started laughing and was like “I know hahahah”.

I was so turnt out that this seemed like such an hilarious moment. I guess it’s because sometimes we place so much expectation into/onto moments which are meant to be so simple. And it was infact very simple.

Nevertheless :D :D I got to meet a twitter friend (yaaay ints ints ints) and because of my eager nature to be at her video launch I got to experience a heightened version of myself. As well as Cape Town and it’s beautiful people in a heightened form.

Everyone at the launch was great. People were beautiful. There were fellow androgenous humans and this made me feel a greater sense of familiarity within myself. The queer community in Cape Town, especially queers in my age group are FABULOUS!

I guess we all felt free.
Thanks to Dope Saint Jude for being that link for me.
Thanks to my sister for having a Birthday weekend and getting me to Cape Town.

I think I am most grateful to’ve exposed my sister and her friends to another side of progressive Cape Town living. To’ve exposed them to fellow peers who have so much to offer the world.

*Raises beverage* here’s to the rest of the night of fun in Sam’s Bar, Dance Poll’s, Chip Rolls, fancier whips and even fancier human progression because of the night.


Off to the 15th floor again.
A quick catnap… and there we were again. Travelling through the mists in Cape Town toward the Plain.

I won’t lie.
I was so excited to sleep. But BGP (Black Girl Power kept lingering in my head).

Goodmorning SUNDAY…

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A throwback to March this year. One of my favourite days in my life. 
Also a day where I made lifetime friends. 

PE stole my heart. Thinking especially of @jeanniegrigio today and for the next few days (hugs to you lady, wishing you love and peace). Love to @rushay @zane_dunn and Lorien.  

Let’s keep on leaving our mark in this world the way in which Indigo’s and Alphas do.

A throwback to March this year. One of my favourite days in my life.
Also a day where I made lifetime friends.

PE stole my heart. Thinking especially of @jeanniegrigio today and for the next few days (hugs to you lady, wishing you love and peace). Love to @rushay @zane_dunn and Lorien.

Let’s keep on leaving our mark in this world the way in which Indigo’s and Alphas do.

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Takuya Kuroda - Afro Blues by bluenoterecords on SoundCloud →

My kind of blues.
What kind of blues do you feel?

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"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."
Oscar Wilde (via observando)
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Cape Town trip July 2014 pt. 4

Savouring moments huh?

Isn’t just great? And having it with a backdrop of rain?!

Romanticising comes easy when you’re in a beautiful city like Cape Town. And especially when you’re surrounded by family who encourages encounters of love [this hasn’t happened much in Johannesburg, it’s all work, no savouring really].

I also happened to be surrounded by Leos’. Leo’s are led by love. The current sun sign was Leo, so everything made sense to me.
One particular Leo blew me away infact.

My Brother.

It was his birthday on the 28th of July. But this was the first time that I had the chance to see his face as I spoke with him. The current date of our meeting was the 26th of July.
I was shy because I hadn’t seen him in a few years. He was now, taller than me. Seemingly had way more confidence (as Leo’s generally just come across that way) and he had outgrown all of that babyish looks.

There I was. After long talks with Danica and Haley. After playing with my little cousins Chè and Jessé; and seeing them off, for them to see their first Disney show on ice. There I was.
Looking at this young chap.

The thing about having siblings living 1320kms away from you. For the entirety of their lives and yours is that by default you miss out on so much. The difference here is that this was not my intention. There were pre-conditioned events which led to this situation.

But as my heart stood. I wanted to make the most of every moment and savour this.

A bit of a side note: it was 3pm. I was still in my pj’s and my cousin had told me that some of my maternal aunts, uncles and cousins had been waiting for us in a suite on the 15th floor of a hotel on cnr Adderly and Darling Str.

After hugging my brother and trying to identify with him as much as I could, I had no choice but to hop into the shower and prep for dinner on cnr Adderly and Darling Str, which would also be followed by Dope Saint Jude’s video launch.

Besides all of the factors pulling at me to get outta the house. I had my Leo sister putting pressure on me too.
So… There I was again. Doing the mandatory security and gadget checks on my aunts car. Pulling my buttoned up shirt straight, throwing on an extra dose of colongne and taking on Cape Town as if I had known her from the time she had birthed me.

To the Plain, to Grassy Park, to Retreat for the pick-ups. Then to cnr Darling and Adderly for a 60 piece sushi platter and amazing curry. My sister, her friends and my cousin in toe had meant that the nature of meeting my family in town was going to be dynamic and a collective exploration of savouring pre-party and family time dynamics.

It was great. I got to squeeze everyone (I love tight hugs hahah). We layered our tummies and hearts this time, with a greater essence of joy and in the back of my mind I knew that this night would be amazing.

After my splurge of OCD tendencies in the kitchen. My cousin who had been living in the suite (and who had invited us) had told us to leave our car in his parking bay, and had called an executive cab for the girls.

Told us he’d meet us in Longmarket street in an hour, said goodbye to the aunts and uncles and had then walked the 5 of us to our Audi A6.

Jade. In front (the mama for the night) we pulled up to Manila Bar and felt like QUEENS. (Thank you Gary).

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Cape Town trip July 2014 pt. 3

Part 3
Oh was this just not the most special day! Damn.

My cousin decided to sleep over. So my sister, cousin and I fell asleep on a 3/4 bed.

You know you’re dead tired when you don’t even care that there are other beds in the house; but all you want is just a lil’ bit of comfort, even if it’s at the “voete end” (where your feet go). So, I was the lucky one at the voete end and less than 3 hours later I woke up and ended up next to my little cousin Jessé, in what seemed to me as a luxurious double bed at this point (which it in-fact really was). Hahaha

Literally 5 minutes after I creep into the luxurious bed, my cousin Jessé wakes up in a frenzy telling me about a dog who died. An evil dog that he wishes could die, and a dog that his mom had dressed up in a jersey during winter’s coldest days.
I was like hahahahaahahhaahhaha
Jessé how did you from snoring like a lamb, to talking at 100% of your little body’s capacity?

Hahaha I literally started laughing. This kid musta thought that I was crazy.
Anyway I asked him how he slept and he told me that he fell ill during the night. He told me that he had vomitted and that he was coughing. He related this to his tonsils, and the problems he experiences with his nasal cavity and lungs. He also told me how he never wants to have his tonsils removed.
But then I told him a story about tonsils… and somehow changed this little kids mind (win for me). He was scheduled to see the doc later that day so I told him to check with the doc and give me feedback.

Let me just remind you. That this kid is barely 6.
One thing that he did on this particular morning, in his sick state was offer to make me a cheese sandwich.

I was like… are you sure that ma won’t skel? (Are you sure that grandma won’t scould you?). He says it doesn’t matter. You are Honey (my nickname at home).

He went off. I fell asleep… and from what I assume, 20 minutes later he arrived with 2 hand folded cheese sandwiches. 1 for me and 1 for himself. The sandwich was goooood. He put a generous amount of butter in the center of the sandwich and a few strands of grated cheese in the centre too.

He made it with love. And so we gobbled up our sandwiches. That was the nicest thing anyone has done for me after a late night. Ahhhhhh Jessé. I love and miss you!

Jessé had to be off to the doc. But after all the talking my brain was awake and my body had no choice but to follow.

I got to spend time with my cousin Danica. And my little animal lover (cousin), Haley. Danica and I spoke about a range of things. Travels, adventures, Jean Grae, school, university, art, music, responsibility and our interests. I tickled Haley the entire time.
These things may seem mundane to some of you. But for me. Moments like these are rare.

I have1 cousin in Johannesburg. He’s 8 or so years my senior. I don’t think he’d find it amusing if I tickled him.

So when I get to Cape Town I savour every single moment. I have as many real conversations as possible. I engage my family with question and answer sessions. And try to get many of them to see beyond their immediate surroundings.

Ohhh man. I had so much fun. Just talking. And holding my cousin. I appreciated my gran making a fuss over me knowing very well that she didn’t have to, but that she wanted to out of love, and fear that I would be leaving soon.

On that note. I handed over a gift to my grandparents. Just a picture of the day I graduated with honours. I am the first grandchild. Also the only one at this point who’s gone to and finished a degree.
They are proud.
I also painted a tortoise shaped potplant for my grandfather because I know how much he loves gardening.

My grandparents were so appreciative of this gesture. I was so fulfilled internally at this point, that I instantly knew that everything was gonna be alright from here on out, regardless of where my mind or heart was. That moment was beautiful. And I wanted to savour it.

And it was…
It was approximately 3pm on Saturday. Dope Saint Jude’s video launch was at 9. So I had a few more hours to savour a few other things.

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Cape Town trip July 2014 pt.2

Off we were [After 10 full mins of security checks and gadgets on my Aunts car]… to the Plain.

To do the pick ups then to the night club called Eclipse.
Now let me tell you. It was raining, my sister had friends that she wanted to meet up with before we went into Eclipse… which happened except these guys were rascals. So we ditched them and went about our business accordingly.

I must say that I am so tired of having bouncers check my I.D. really. I get the weirdest questions about my hair. Or now rather, the lack thereof [why do people have to feel so attached to MY hair though?-Even Bouncers]. Besides my hair though (or lack thereof), I feel like such an old person already, it’s so weird being asked for my I.D.

I think this especially goes for Cape Town because I’m always the mommy of the group. I’m always looking after the young flock who’ve recently just started clubbing or whatever the case may be.

Anyway… There we were in ECLIPSE. The one and only. The night club synonymous with good times, good music, loose girls and eager guys.

→→→→ This was my expression -_-
I was like?! Really Cape Town, this is what you got? This is the best right now??
No hate to Cape Town. Maybe it was just this particular club, but I was a lil disappointed in the decor and ambiance. I mean, for all the hype, I expected a bit more.

But you know what. In the spirit of my sister’s Birthday weekend. I was willing to do anything and everything to make sure she had a good time.
My cousin and her boyfriend came along too. After a pizza (as thin as nacho chips) and a few fermented beverages ;) we were off. To. The. Dancefloor.

Our tummies were lined with just the right amount of everything necessary at this point hahaha.
The smoke machine and lights were doing their thing. And we were all about to do ours.

Now… I’m modest about this most times. But this night I knew I had it going on, on the dance floor. Smooth moves. The right tempo. And the right energy too.
The perfect combination for a night club.

Or so I thought :/

Let me give you a bit more context. So my dresscode is completely hipster, which in this particular night club is misinterpreted.

1: I have on my go-to leather farm style boots 2: a straight cut jeans 3: a long buttoned up indian styled shirt and 4: a puffy body-warmer without the sleeves. In short. I don’t look like a hipster. I infact look butch, super androgynous, super lesbian.

The combination in this club. Just didn’t cut it. No matter how cool my moves were.
Guys danced away from me. Girls danced away from me.
I was like… “do I stink?”

Hahaha a few minutes later. A very open lesbian approaches my sister enquiring about my sexuality. My sister tells her that I am lesbian (knowing that this is not true, but curious to see this person’s response)… so we carry on dancing. My sister tells me that this particular girl is attracted to me and that I should act accordingly.

So I tell myself: Jade, if you’re gonna be lesbian for the night. You better be the best lesbian you can be.

Hahaha and hell yeah! I took extra care of my make believe girlfriends, my sister and cousin. And totally strutted my stuff on the dance floor… we danced till we couldn’t anymore and I was happy. My sister was happy. My cousin was happy. And her boyfriend and I got to have one of those in-depth conversations in a night club…. [I’m sure you know what I mean. Those serious talks that you have to summarise over the intensity of the volume from the speakers].

Pause. On a more serious note, despite being disappointed regarding the hype of the night club. I was more disappointed in the crowd of people present and their disregard of people who may seem to be homosexual.

Now look.

I have a huge problem with people who judge others, especially when it’s on the grounds of sexuality, religion, nationality and race. I was seriously like: how did we get from “the way I dress, to the immediate assumption of my sexuality? “… (this may be a rhetorical question) but really, aren’t we a bit more insightful than that?

How? In 2014… are we still associating “what we see, with what is true”. Babylon has beeeeeen planting seeds and illusionary judgements in our heads.

Like my prof. Zimitri Erasmus told our class once. “We are yet to stop thinking with our eyes, and start thinking with our minds”.

This is what I felt about Cape Town. And the people in this particular night club. I felt super judged by them. I felt rejected. I felt like we weren’t growing as people.
I mean at the end of the day people were at that night club to have a good time, to leave their cares and fears behind.

So why let judgement tag along with you then ?…

Anyway the following day had way more in store anyway. So I was not about to let this get me.

It was 5am.
I was a virgin to the club scene. This was not normal for me… but after seeing how comfortable my sister was when they were about to kick us out, I acted like a cucumber…
Slipped out into the fresh morning rain, drove to the Plain. Watched my sister fall asleep (oh how satisfying it was to see my little sister fall asleep after a good night out) and at 6 I finally got to lay my head down and catch some coastal stars.

Goodnight Eclipse…
— 2 weeks ago


Underwater Photography by Ed Freeman

The human female body.

And the lens from which this photographer captures it.
#HumanForm #Art

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Sprite Uncontainable Event with @jeanniegrigio and @warmonkey  tonight. But for now, some graffitti and ramping sports.

Sprite Uncontainable Event with @jeanniegrigio and @warmonkey tonight. But for now, some graffitti and ramping sports.

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Cape Town trip July 2014 pt.1

As I sink back into my world of uncomfortable comfort, I have no choice but to reflect on my week spent in Cape Town.

I have never in my life felt so filled with love. Nor have I ever felt it being reciprocated with such vigour.

Apart from observed shady moments of unspeakable nightclubs in Cape Town, Cape Town had honestly surprised me with its warmth. So let me tell you about my trip,from the beginning (for context).

My flight was due to leave at 18:30 on Friday the 25th of July. I arrived at the check in counter at 18:00, only to be told that I had missed my flight. Yes, all gates had been shut. I was like “are these people forreal? I had a whole half hour left to make a quick entry to my seat. Anyway, I was relieved to find out that I was not the only person who had missed the flight (but in my personal opinion, the airline company had probably overbooked the flight and had relied on us being late). I was then forced to purchase another ticket. This in itself was a costly exercise and had me stressed out even more than what I already was.

So off I was at 20:15 and R2500 later.
One fermented beverage down and a prayer in my heart, we landed in a rainy Cape Town at 22:05. I was super stoked.
My sister’s boyfriend and uncle collected lil ol me at the drop off zone. And they took me on a tour of Manenberg at 22:15. Lord!

I felt like a snob to be quite honest. Because I never grew up in Manenberg and had always heard about the gangs, drugs and territory in that area. Needless to say: I was KAK bang. This was mostly because we stopped off at a White House, also known as a Smokkel Huis and a few men approached the van (bakkie) we were in.

Anyway… a few moments later. A few fermented beverages appeared and we were finally off to my grandparents home.
Just as I got there (after my sister’s boyfriend and uncle had left) and me thinking that it was too late to go anywhere (especially in the rain), my sister hands over my aunts car keys and instructs me to fetch a few of my other cousins and then proceed to a club in Ottery called Eclipse.

I hadn’t even gotten a chance to freshen up or even greet my family properly. My sister wouldn’t have it! It was her Birthday weekend after all, so everyone gave in to her wishes and that’s where it all started.

— 3 weeks ago
My family loves me. New kicks, new fragrance and home made bath salts (lavender and rosemary scented).

My family loves me. New kicks, new fragrance and home made bath salts (lavender and rosemary scented).

— 3 weeks ago