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Dela feat. Torae and Mela Machinko - Just Chill

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Open your mind to the technicalities and the orchestration of two of my favourite artists affiliated to Mello Music Group.

Oddisee and Apollo Brown are true artists.

Passion and love felt through each and every note played; and every word spoken…Their artistry makes me hopeful for the future!

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I have always loved this song… It reigns deep within my heart.

Away with me - Jean Grae

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This is my favourite piece off Aeon’s album “Aeon Got Beats vol. 1”

Jazz Hop is one of my greater escapes.

I love the depth that comes through every sound.

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“Away With Me” -Jean Grae

 Jean Grae Is By far one of the most legendary emcee’s I’ve come across to date.

There is a sense of earnest truth in all that she writes…In all that she rhymes about.

This is my first real blog about her

But in all honesty; I feel that her sense of spirit and truth

Lives within me! 

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